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  • Aries

    (03/21 - 04/19)

    Slow progress is frustrating, but don't doubt that this is the right thing to do. More

  • Taurus

    (04/20 - 05/20)

    Their odd behavior is likely due more to jealousy than anything else. Be flattered. More

  • Gemini

    (05/21 - 06/21)

    They would never willfully mislead you. Give them a chance to explain their side. More

  • Cancer

    (06/22 - 07/22)

    An encounter may cause emotional upheaval -- unless you chalk it up to coincidence. More

  • Leo

    (07/23 - 08/22)

    Watch for someone who's always plotting -- you could become part of their story. More

  • Virgo

    (08/23 - 09/22)

    You can't analyze the unseen. Sometimes, you just have to have faith and believe. More

  • Libra

    (09/23 - 10/22)

    Recent small changes are starting to make a much bigger impact than you expected. More

  • Scorpio

    (10/23 - 11/21)

    A magnetic figure in your life is leading you toward some exciting opportunities. More

  • Sagittarius

    (11/22 - 12/21)

    Feeling shy and introverted? Schedule some alone time to recharge your batteries. More

  • Capricorn

    (12/22 - 01/19)

    Get ready to be reminded once again what wonderful friends you have. You're lucky. More

  • Aquarius

    (01/20 - 02/18)

    They slowed down to wait for you. Now you should slow down and wait for them. More

  • Pisces

    (02/19 - 03/20)

    You'll get a warm and fuzzy feeling when someone is especially thoughtful today. More

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